Open Doors.

imagePeople come and people go, but I’ve fallen in love with the ones who decide to say.

Over the past six months, things have changed incredibly fast, something I hate to admit that I’m not very good at dealing with but luckily, I had a little help from my friends.

It’s a part of life, people coming in and out of your life, sometimes leaving scars on your heart. Though, wounds heal with time and so can you. Rather than holding a grudge, think of your experiences with people who have left as life lessons and remember that there were good times. It’s not always a huge fallout with people, sometimes people drift apart and that’s okay but those people will never fade into just a memory in my mind.

Though I am sad to see people go, it’s another door for someone else to walk into. I am happy that I kept that door open because I’ve connected with some amazing people.

My very best friend left on a journey to make herself happy, which is brave and fantastic to me but I temporarily lost the one person I felt I could confide in, until I met Ben; the kid with great fashion sense and a great sense of humor. I made a new best friend.

Ben has seen me throw little fits of frustration, he’s witnessed me cry, he’s seen me feel like I’m queen of the world. But most importantly, he was there through it all and didn’t give up on me and Ben, I can’t thank you enough for that.

It’s amazing what the universe can bring to you in your time of need if you just let it happen.

Journeys with friends I’ve had ended but new ones have started and that’s something that I can be happy with. I can deal with the pain of loss if it means I can gain something incredibly amazing.



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