Grand Scheme


I want a townhouse apartment somewhere quiet. A townhouse apartment with a street view of a nicely paved road, shaded by trees. A home that is illuminated because of it’s big windows, letting the light beam in every morning. I want a kitchen with white walls and a hallway with a wooden floor and a living room that always smells of vanilla candles.

I want to wake up fifteen minutes before I get ready for work, only to proudly make someone else’s coffee. I’ll wait for that person to join me in the kitchen, telling me I’m beautiful.

I want to live out my day with energy, feeling like I radiate everything around me, even the darkness.

I’ll come home to dinner prepared with two glasses of wine and finish the night off with a corny movie, snuggled up on the couch.

I want to wake up and go to sleep happy, knowing that I am loved.


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