She liked to memorize the stars

Constellations reflecting in her eyes

the specks of blue

that only revealed lies

Unfortunately, I held onto her

As a personal prize


I know that she is capable of love

But only if she wants to try

I miss her soul like I miss the sunrise



A Real Experience

imageA couple of weeks ago, I went to a Florence and The Machine concert with my dad, sister and one of my best friends. It was absolutely amazing. The weather was perfect, the passion in her voice made me tear up a couple of times, and I could feel the crowds energy flowing together.

Feeling the music with others is one of the best experiences that I have ever had.

Florence Welch’s voice enchanted the crowd and made my vision foggy. The sun started to set and created a pastel sky that soon turned dark enough to see the moon.  A bird caught my eye as it flew into a nest in the shelter above the stage. I began to envy the bird for its privilege of being able to experience some of the best bands of all time without any cost.

In that moment, I took the time to notice that everything was perfect.

In that moment, I took the time to notice that I was happy.

A Week Without Makeup; ITS ALL OVER

imageGuess what, guess what, guess what! It’s been a week, and my skin looks a lot better than I though compared to the first day with all of the redness and dryness. Ultimately, I blame the sunburn more than I do the makeup for drying up my skin.  I did put on eye makeup for a job interview, but I figured it’s acceptable to  embrace my features. Which is what makeup should be all about, instead of covering them up.

From this experiment, I have not only learned that Clean & Clear is the bomb for my not too oily/ not too dry skin. So if you have a similar complexion, I would go with using this awesome stuffs. I also have learned that I don’t really need to wear makeup.

I plan on wearing less face makeup because not only do I want healthy skin, but I’m confident without it. I’m not afraid to say that I’m proud of myself.

Give it a try.

A Week Without Makeup; Saturday

After using Clean and Clear the night before, my skin looked even better than it did before bed, I am quite pleased. Followed by that, I decided to use only “Morning Boost” another Clean and Clear facial scrub. You’ll definitely be able to tell what the “boost” is, it certainly wakes you up but it’s as gentle as it could be.

That afternoon at work, people made comments that I looked different but “in a good way”. So I happily took the compliment. That night, I used the Clean & Clear Night Time Scrub and went to bed hoping for the best.

Mat this point in the self experiment, I’m beginning to feel more comfortable with myself.

A Week a Without Makeup; Friday

As for Friday, I got distracted and too tired to remember to post. (Whoops).

that morning, my skin looked the same, which wasn’t bad but I still was urging for it to improve even more. Though, my confidence level was still pretty tubular. It feels good to not subconsciously worry about makeup being on your face or not! Sometimes I even forget.

Before bed, I tried to use Clean & Clear Night Time Scrub. I highly recommend this product because I was able to see immediate change; my skin looked brighter and my redness this time is COMPLETELY GONE!!!

A Week Without Makeup; Thursday

Thursday morning, I woke up impressed with my skin. The only redness that was there was from minor sunburn instead of being irritated (yay). Also, my acne problem areas didn’t look as bright as the night before and are starting to fade. But I’m also trying to accept that the acne is going to be a thing for awhile because I’m about to…you know…menstruate or whatever.

ANYWAYS, that morning I cleansed my face with gentle face wash, and it wasn’t gentle on my skin at all, it turned it a bit pink, making me want to give up on this project. But, I didn’t.

Thursday night, I washed my face and then tried Mary Kay moisturizer, figuring I should focus more on that.

So far, I think what is good for my skin is more natural remedy cleansing instead of using products, because even the “gentle” ones have a bad effect on my skin. BUT, it is getting softer as well, so that’s a start.


A Week Without Makeup; Wednesday

Wednesday morning, my skin seed to be healing a bit but I still wasn’t too impressed with the effect on my acne (zero). So, that morning I cleansed my face as usual using gentle face wipes and tried another home remedy; egg mask. It made my skin feel softer but other than that, my complexion didn’t change much at that moment.

I also had work, my makeup was practically screaming to me; “Kaysie, don’t pass up your beautiful sephora products.” But I restrained my self, putting aside my embarrassment of my skin.

That night, I fell asleep earlier than expected and forgot to wash my face! The frustration was real.

So far, I may continue the honey + Lush scrub + the egg mask once more for the acne. Even though the quality products I was using were supposed to do wonders but even if they did, more natural routines and products seem to work better for my skin.

I noticed that my complexion needs to repair but I’m surprised at how much the redness has went down. I never had this kind of problem until I started getting into makeup like contouring, eventually realizing that I should cut back and take care of my skin before I continue using makeup. Even though without it I feel uncomfortable, I have hope that this week will definetly fix that.

A Week Without Makeup; Tuesday

Monday night I decided to try a home remedy after cleansing my skin with cleansing pads and then I proceeded to slap some honey on my face for fifteen minutes (feel free to do it overnight but it gets messy!)

Tuesday morning, the dryness under my eyes has seemed to go away and my redness lessen, which was one of the big things I was worrying about with my skin. Needless to say, honey can do wonders.

For the routine that morning, I liked that the redness died down, but my skin was dying for moisture, so I tried something new. For the morning, I used moisturizing cream and day cream to see if it helped. Which it did! But I felt like the products did more damage, mostly the day cream. So, I switched it up that night with washing my face with some Lush Ocean Salt Body Scrub, which made my skin amazing! Followed by that, I left coconut oil on my face overnight. How will Wednesday go? Only time will tell…