A Week Without Makeup; Tuesday

Monday night I decided to try a home remedy after cleansing my skin with cleansing pads and then I proceeded to slap some honey on my face for fifteen minutes (feel free to do it overnight but it gets messy!)

Tuesday morning, the dryness under my eyes has seemed to go away and my redness lessen, which was one of the big things I was worrying about with my skin. Needless to say, honey can do wonders.

For the routine that morning, I liked that the redness died down, but my skin was dying for moisture, so I tried something new. For the morning, I used moisturizing cream and day cream to see if it helped. Which it did! But I felt like the products did more damage, mostly the day cream. So, I switched it up that night with washing my face with some Lush Ocean Salt Body Scrub, which made my skin amazing! Followed by that, I left coconut oil on my face overnight. How will Wednesday go? Only time will tell…



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