A Week Without Makeup; Wednesday

Wednesday morning, my skin seed to be healing a bit but I still wasn’t too impressed with the effect on my acne (zero). So, that morning I cleansed my face as usual using gentle face wipes and tried another home remedy; egg mask. It made my skin feel softer but other than that, my complexion didn’t change much at that moment.

I also had work, my makeup was practically screaming to me; “Kaysie, don’t pass up your beautiful sephora products.” But I restrained my self, putting aside my embarrassment of my skin.

That night, I fell asleep earlier than expected and forgot to wash my face! The frustration was real.

So far, I may continue the honey + Lush scrub + the egg mask once more for the acne. Even though the quality products I was using were supposed to do wonders but even if they did, more natural routines and products seem to work better for my skin.

I noticed that my complexion needs to repair but I’m surprised at how much the redness has went down. I never had this kind of problem until I started getting into makeup like contouring, eventually realizing that I should cut back and take care of my skin before I continue using makeup. Even though without it I feel uncomfortable, I have hope that this week will definetly fix that.


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