A Week Without Makeup; Thursday

Thursday morning, I woke up impressed with my skin. The only redness that was there was from minor sunburn instead of being irritated (yay). Also, my acne problem areas didn’t look as bright as the night before and are starting to fade. But I’m also trying to accept that the acne is going to be a thing for awhile because I’m about to…you know…menstruate or whatever.

ANYWAYS, that morning I cleansed my face with gentle face wash, and it wasn’t gentle on my skin at all, it turned it a bit pink, making me want to give up on this project. But, I didn’t.

Thursday night, I washed my face and then tried Mary Kay moisturizer, figuring I should focus more on that.

So far, I think what is good for my skin is more natural remedy cleansing instead of using products, because even the “gentle” ones have a bad effect on my skin. BUT, it is getting softer as well, so that’s a start.



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