A Week Without Makeup; ITS ALL OVER

imageGuess what, guess what, guess what! It’s been a week, and my skin looks a lot better than I though compared to the first day with all of the redness and dryness. Ultimately, I blame the sunburn more than I do the makeup for drying up my skin.  I did put on eye makeup for a job interview, but I figured it’s acceptable to  embrace my features. Which is what makeup should be all about, instead of covering them up.

From this experiment, I have not only learned that Clean & Clear is the bomb for my not too oily/ not too dry skin. So if you have a similar complexion, I would go with using this awesome stuffs. I also have learned that I don’t really need to wear makeup.

I plan on wearing less face makeup because not only do I want healthy skin, but I’m confident without it. I’m not afraid to say that I’m proud of myself.

Give it a try.


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