“If you love something, let it go.”


Selfless and insane
You put love in my brain
Love in my heart
It was unhealthy at the start

I will love you
You said you’d never let me go
But today you let me know
You have to let me go
Not for you
But for me
Making me feel
As if I was stranded in the sea

I love myself
But I loved you more
You claimed that we were no more

I love myself
I wanted to stay
But your darkness
It wouldn’t go away

Losing you made me hurt
I didn’t think it could get worse
Though I understand your darkness now
It dragged me down
You noticed before I did
You did what was best
You set me free
You understood that with you
I was no longer me



imageI wanted to paint you a picture
I wanted to sing you a song
You don’t care for art
You didn’t like my song
I’ve confused myself
Questioning why I stayed for so long


There are some who try to get help, some who are in denial, some who hide it and then there are people who embrace it.

Partying is cool every once in awhile, I don’t mind attending but I do notice a slight discomfort in me when it comes to being around alcohol. Not because I think it’s wrong for people to have a few drinks, but because I know what it can do.

I know that some people who struggle with alcohol truly do want to get help, and that’s great because it destroys you physically and mentally when not used in moderation. Though, I do know plenty who see no problem in their drinking and actually take pride in how many people think they’re just a “party animal” or “fun drunk” because that’s the only way they can justify their addiction.

“People love me when I’m drunk”-“I’ve made so many friends at the bar!”-“I trained my daughter how to get me a beer from the fridge.” Followed by their friends that also see no problem, probably because they’re alcoholics too.

Again, I’m not trying to shame alcohol, I just think it’s wrong that people embrace their life that’s filled with drinking from morning time to night time, if they can even tell the difference anymore. Bragging about how much you drink is also embarrassing and unfair to the people who are trying to get help.

It hurts the addict and it sure can shatter a family.

I just don’t understand how you can find yourself with a bottle in front of the television in your living room, losing yourself to the poison that you still can’t seem to stop drinking. I don’t understand how you can be okay with waking up, grabbing a beer from your fridge-just to wash away the shame and turn it into temporary fun. After a fight with your wife, how can you look at yourself in the bathroom mirror and realize you’re drinking yourself into being a nobody and make yourself be okay with it? You think it’s going to wash your depression away, your life mistakes, your daily regrets and thoughts of hating yourself. It’s not going to.

It’s called getting wasted because you’re wasting your life and yourself.