Reflection II

I remove what is burning between my lips with two fingers, watching the smoke slowly rise up in front of me and fade as it get’s higher. My back is against the cool brick wall and I can’t help but to stare out into the empty street in front of me, letting my mind wander outside of the ghost town I live in. The more the silence becomes apparent to me; the more lonely I feel. I think of all of the friends that I have made in my transitioned life and wonder why I often feel this way alone. I begin to realize that it isn’t the lack of people around me that is bothering me; it’s the feelings of mine that go unnoticed to myself in between. I then take a step back from questioning my life and instead, question myself. A one on one interview with Myself and I. Why am I so quiet? What happened to the energy, and the smiles? How could I avoid myself completely, because I deserve better than that.


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