My room is covered in concert posters, books and pictures from the past. The atmosphere soothes me when I am alone, but it could use one more thing. Something that I have so much want for-I can almost say that I need it.

I want someone sitting in front of me, in the middle of my bed, white Christmas lights illuminating the side of their face. Music plays in the background. Lyrics turn into muffled sounds because I’m drowning in their eyes. Words, words, and words spew from our mouths, sharing ideas and thoughts. Time starts to fade from existence because it’s the only thing we are afraid to lose.

I want my hair tucked behind my ear, and I want to mean; “I love you”.

I want to allow myself to feel for someone so deeply-time begins to stop.

I want what is missing, I want it to last. I want someone who makes me want to feel. I do not want my newfound love to become part of the pictures from my past.


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