The Cover Band

During my recent vacation by the beach, I took the chance to explore the boardwalk.

Most of the air was occupied by a fried food smell, Candy stores flooded with tourists, head shops-you name it. The main thing that caught my attention was Sublimes song; “Badfish” playing behind me. The band took place right in front of the fence that separated the band from the beach behind them. Even though it wasn’t actually Sublime playing, it was just as groovy.

I remember myself smiling because of it, it had been in my head all day. Of course, I had to dance. I danced with my eyes closed under the white Christmas lights, all by myself. I assure you that it was one of the most freeing moments of my life, even if it was only a fifteen second experience. The feeling filled me with love. Not just in my heart, but within my mind too. I was not going to let anything from outside of my minds alternate/perfect reality ruin the feeling of the moment.

Filled with so much love that I almost wished I had someone to share the dance with-to share the love with.


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