Perspective of Love

In my perspective; every person is put on Earth to live for something incredible, or do something incredible. 

I have a personal theory that my purpose to live  must be to love. Not particularly love another person romantically, but to love everything you find beautiful. 

I find Love to be a beyond incredible thing to live for, I feel like love is part of my purpose.

Love feels like an electric shock in your chest, a fast paced heart, and blushed cheeks. Smiles never change, you will always laugh. The first kiss makes your brainwaves trip, and it will feel that way within the next million kisses ahead of you. Your eyes make a special attachment to their eyes, and they’re gazing back at you. You are connected, you both understand.

Love feels like wet grass on your feet as you run through the woods; summer breeze hitting your face, and the wildflowers guide your path. The first hug after separation, the first hot chocolate you carry in the cold, watching the sun rise and sun set, this is what love feels like.

Love also feels too complex to comprehend. I believe that is highly possible, but I love the idea of love either way. You have to be prepared, yet let yourself be vulnerable. Sometimes, it can be a mess. Love works itself out, it’s just a matter of letting it happen and not letting anything make you fear it.

Love is worth the warmth it makes you feel, it’s worth the anxiety of a first date, it’s worth waking up next to someone, and love is worth the heartbreak. 


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