Poetry allows myself to think in different perspectives as I evaluate the piece, and it allows me to reflect upon how the piece makes me feel. Any sort of art that can make me feel, is definitely a masterpiece to me.

The following poem was written by a close friend of mine, one of his many writings that I would love to share;

“105 The fresh start
105 Where I thought found my part
105 The brick kingdom
105 My first taste of freedom
105 My home away from home
105 When I discovered alone
105 The lovely taste of alcohol
105 When I began to bawl
105 When I almost ended everything
105 When I lost all serenity
105 When I stood up
105 When I put down the cup
105 When I still feel blue
105 But I grew “

105 is the authors room number, where he lives on base. What I think the author is trying to say is; His dorm is where he was first able to be independent, many miles away from home. The place where he feels comfortable, and at first looked forward to the luxury of not being bothered by parents and was able to forget about the memories he rather not be attached to back home.

The author was excited to be alone but then started to feel alone. 

He began drinking alcohol. My assumption is that he originally began drinking it for fun, but then began drinking to forget his lonesome feelings. His depression began to sink in, along with his knowing that he was suppressing his feelings by the usage. The troubles of the depression and suppression almost brought him to taking his own life, constantly thinking about it.

His depression still lingers, but he “stood up” and walked away from the alcohol, as if he woke up and realized what he was doing to himself was wrong.

He still feels depressed at times, but he learned from his experience.

The poem above made me feel nostalgic in an odd way, for even I know I am a suppressor. This made me feel upset, because I can relate to how he was feeling when he wrote this poem. Though, the poem also makes me feel enlightened at the end, he grew. It is truly a reminder that sadness comes in waves, but it can also benefit you in the end if you look at it in a perspective that will help you when it is all over. This is important.

Short, simple, amazing

More pieces by this author to come.


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