The Second Breakup Letter; Revised.



Please, understand that I love you so much that it has torn me apart multiple times, but never more than this. Please read this when you don’t have any ideas of “what actually happened”. Before you have the chance of manipulating me into staying with you.

You have done all that you can, and so have I. I appreciate that. We talked about unhealthiness an tried to “fix things”, I waited for it for a year.

We’re too different. I want what you want; happiness. Happiness with each other. It breaks my heart, but I think that before that happens, we should try and start to “fix” ourselves. I know that you don’t quite get my thinking, but think that you do. You find my ways idiotic but, I have to do some things for myself. You out of all people should understand.

Everything I have ever done or said, is completely real.

My love is real, or else tears wouldn’t be dripping on this page. I’m doing this for us. Know that this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

Please take care of yourself. Let your mind be free. I love you, —. Make sure the next girl doesn’t find this in your top drawer.




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