Relapse; A Very Short Story

With shallow breathing, the woman stumbled into the strangers bathroom. She grasped both side edges of the sink to support herself as she studies her face in the mirror.

Staring into her own eyes within her reflection, she could not believe she had let herself fail. She could not believe she let herself give in.

“How am I going to fix this now?” 

She began thinking about her promotion, and how proud it made her to be making more money to raise her daughter. Emily, age five.”

Emily was given back to her two years ago after validating her new-found sobriety.

She’s now disappointing Emily, and Emily’s future. She had missed three of her birthdays, and now she would be missing the next 40.

Lipstick was smeared across her skin, because drugs are not free.

She began to sob uncontrollably, knowing that she was wasting her last few breaths.

“I’ve always been better than this, why am I letting myself lose?”

Suddenly, her legs fell numb and she could not support herself any longer. She couldn’t keep her eyes open, but she was still breathing.

Very slowly.

She knew this was not only an intense high, she knew that this was the end.

A scrawny, stubbly chinned man rushed into the bathroom. He discovered her body on the floor, the stranger brought both of his palms to each side of his head.

“Oh my god. Oh my fucking God.” He screamed, beginning to pace back and forth.

Laying there with her once lively face on the cold tile. Things only began getting colder. She could no longer understand the mans words anymore.

“They told me about this. Yes, I’ve heard of this part. Blue lips, blue nails, short breath, delirium…coma. I’ve heard of these symptoms before. I know what they do. The effects occur when abusing heroin; ‘shooting up’. This is me-“

The woman’s thoughts began to scatter before disappearing.

“It’s permanent. It’s the overdose.”


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