Going Away to College

Going Away to College

There was a cold night, not many years ago. I hope that you remember too. We sat in a cemetery in the middle of a town that we both hate. You would not be home for long, and it was getting late.
I wanted you to stay.
We were able to forget our friendship, the pressure, and the skin we were insecure in. Instead of being touched, I was being loved. Never have I been able to live in one moment for so long. It was unplanned, it was our first time.
My eyes started to close, and you kissed my shoulder blade. You told me you loved me, but you ran away from your feelings instead. 
It was 3am now,  and you were expected to be home. You had to leave, and I watched you slip out of my doorway.
Today, I still can’t help to think of you when the harsh, fall wind blows.


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