Things Only We Know

I once knew a girl who was in love with fake flowers

Who could stand in front of the mirror;

Hours upon hours

I never understood why;

She is most beautiful

In my eyes

I do not speak of her to brag

Or to show off what I have

I speak of her to let the world know;

She knows the things

That only I know


We talk of incredible dreams

Places we should be

Places we should go

Her eyes;

They gleam

They glow

Her words of comfort;

They have a steady flow 

Her flow of words stream through me

My blood becomes full of her energy;

The sweetness she brings me


We are undercover

Revealing our true skin

When we are ready

Pacing our lives 

Pacing ourselves 

Only to show the world;

Our love is steady


These are the things;

Things that only we know



Parasitic Self

“You’ve weaseled your way into my psyche.”

 I once met someone absorbed in their psyche, I stood by to help figure it out. I kept trying, and trying to comprehend how complex it was, and had many different theories of the their motives and ways of thinking. We were both going in circles, and I was going crazy trying to figure it out.
Maybe someone else’s mind isn’t meant to be analyzed or understood, maybe the psyche is meant to be accepted, put into perspective, and unconditionally loved.

The Art of Life Lusting

I want something real, and I wonder if I already have it, or if I have had it before. I want something real, something that seems too good to be true. I want something that I am sure of, something that I know I want to keep

I always have an idea, but I never seem to know.

I want something real, but I seem to never know what is.

Living With This

I kept telling myself that I am not good enough for you, I find my being of less importance compared to the importance of your own happiness. I was scared to cause pain that I can not consolidate. The parts of your soul that I have gotten to explore are filled with light and purity.

After feeling like my emotions were turning into a physical form of death, The feeling of being around your energy makes me feel lively.

I should have told myself that it was possible to let myself grow, and that it would be just fine growing together.

You are so close, but most times I wish that we were closer.

I was, and I am good enough. I want to share the warmth with you, but I am too focused on protecting you. 

I need you to be patient enough to help me feel.