Things Only We Know

I once knew a girl who was in love with fake flowers

Who could stand in front of the mirror;

Hours upon hours

I never understood why;

She is most beautiful

In my eyes

I do not speak of her to brag

Or to show off what I have

I speak of her to let the world know;

She knows the things

That only I know


We talk of incredible dreams

Places we should be

Places we should go

Her eyes;

They gleam

They glow

Her words of comfort;

They have a steady flow 

Her flow of words stream through me

My blood becomes full of her energy;

The sweetness she brings me


We are undercover

Revealing our true skin

When we are ready

Pacing our lives 

Pacing ourselves 

Only to show the world;

Our love is steady


These are the things;

Things that only we know



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