“Who do you think you are?”


Moonrise Photography

I am a living being, just as equal as everyone else. I am a person that is significant to the universe, who sees that everyone else is too.

I seek out my own flaws unintentionally, and accept them as they are. I am a being on this earth that has “too much” love for it’s people. I am someone with good intention, who can not always recognize people without it.

I am someone who has felt incredible emotional pain, and has before felt nothing. I am a person who has stomped their feet, given up, and ended up with some broken bones. I have been a person, who did not want to be one anymore.

Though, I am a person who tries to see value in everything, who empathizes things until tears cover their pupils.

I am lost, along with many other minds. 

But, each second of the day, I am constantly trying to find what there is to be found, and I feel myself grow each day.

Things have changed, and I can finally be okay with breathing. I am Kaysie Lynn. I am me, here; in the now.



2 thoughts on ““Who do you think you are?”

  1. rgump says:

    I read a lot of your little poems and shorts. Your insight is inexplicable. What a true, raw talent. I read a letter you wrote years ago…and even then your words lept from the page.


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