I wish I did not care about reality

I wish I could see what you can see

I am tired of feeling again

Even knowing that I am not alone

I wish I could love me like you love me

But I feel;

You are on your own

Unlock the doors that lead to my psyche

I will lead you to the complexity;

Of why I do not like me

There is a mad scientist in the dark;

Inside of my minds core

Mixing chemicals

Distorting dreams

Like a horror film;

Producing blood and gore

Inside of my soul is a fantasy

I dream my happiness;

reaching from sea to sea

Magic lingers inside of my inner walls

Light radiates;

But I see none at all

My optimism is a mask

My heart encourages others

There is a wise man on my back


Let your mind take cover

I am not careful

I am not blind

I wish that I could feel happy

Without leaving others behind


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