The Gray Area

I have no shame in saying that, the night before I was able to take this picture; I had one of the biggest meltdowns of my life. Choking on my sobs, I could not be alone. So, I drove two hours north to spend the night at a life-long friends house. Him and his girlfriend (whom I also consider a lovely friend) gave me a room full of warmth to sleep in, and lots of love. I could not have asked for more. 

After a wonderful night of sleep, I had to leave to head back “home”. During the drive back home, there was nothing but thick fog. Where this picture was taken, is one of my favorite tiny spots in the middle of nowhere. I have written about it before; my peaceful place. This image captures the main beauty of it that I love; it never fails to surprise me with a new look. Even with the fog, I found it beautiful. 

I can not really tell you how I have been feeling lately, at least with a solid answer. So far, this is as close as I can get.


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