Why I Thought That I Knew

I know that “what is”



I have never been ideal at sorting

Through my millions of thoughts


The causes of my regret;

And probable mistakes

Are in fact the reason

For this mess that I have made


I think about you;

Day and Night

I love you more than your silhouette

That I can recognize

In the dark;

Or light


Right now I stand back;

I will not say a word



I love you

The most that I can



It is my fault

That your hand is not mine

I can not suffocate you


I will suffer in time


I will still get to see you grow;


It will hurt watching in distance


You are no ones

I wish that I could know what “it is”

If I could have made it different


It would be easier


You know what is right

Tell me what to do


I am tired of this fight


With you;

I can conquer the world

But I must conquer the fear first




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