These Daze. 

Moonlight Photography

I have caught myself spinning and dancing in this familiar, white room. The sun makes its way through the open windows, and the breeze allows my hair to tickle my nose. Nothing matters within thise few seconds of making my head spin. Work, depression, war, sexuality-nothing. 

“Why can’t it be like this all of the time?” It can, it can be.  Take the emotional step.

I haven’t cried in days, but part of me wants to. Not because I am sad, and not because I’m happy. 

Something is changing, but something that wants to rip this feeling away still lingers. 

I am smiling. I am smiling alone with myself. I am starting to remember days like this. 

I can’t tell if days like this have ever stopped, or if it were only a malfunction. 

For once, I am not overwhelmed. I am able to enjoy this moment, enjoy this life


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