Fighting With My Psyche

All I wanted to do is run into the streets, but instead I was sitting on the roof top with my knees pulled to my chest.

All I wanted to do was run into the empty streets.

I was lonely.

In these moments, while fighting off whatever is attacking my emotions, it feels as if something is screaming at me-trying to make me feel like I am nothing.

I was smiling two hours ago.

This pesterous, dark entity that I keep trying to push away, why is it always there?

“Get out of me, or get me out of here–stop that, stop that right now.” I think to myself.

Sometimes I just feel too much, feeling lonely, then distressed knowing that I am in a sea of people.

I have reached a peak, but it is a very long fall.

The entity mocks me; “That’s right, wipe your eyes. Say you’re fine, we both know you are lying.”-

But I shouldn’t waste time.


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