“The Process”; One Step At A Time

This is not coming from a doctor, medical student, or a school therapist; but from someone who is familiar.

I have told and have been told by others that “It’s a process.”

For a long time, I thought that “The Process” was defined as “life”.

Looking at life as a process itself is what makes depression more exhausting. You hit a certain point each time; your room gets messy, you are not hungry, everything seems useless, you think the world is better off without you, and you feel as if everything is no longer in your control.

Every time you pick yourself up but then fall back down, the desire to get back up again gets more exhausting each time.

So, “what’s the point” ?

If this is what “The Process” is doing to me down, how am I going to feel ten years from now?

Like I said before, you feel as if you have no control. It is true that a lot of things are going to happen because they are supposed to inevitably,  but it is in your control of learning how to handle it instead of dealing with it. Sometimes, “The Process” forces you to learn new ways of doing that.

There comes a day during your two year breakdown to where you find yourself blank-faced in front of your bathroom mirror, asking yourself; “why isn’t anything working?”

The pamphlets always say; ” find an outlet, eat more healthy, get better rest, ect.”.

Although these things can be helpful, they do not mention that finding the sources of your depression can help tremendously, more than any pill can help you.

If you are alive, things are working. You are trying, but sometimes you have to try something new.

“The Process” is learning how to live and heal through your depression.

“The Process” is learning how to break less bones each time you fall and get back up.

“The Process” is a part of life, not life itself.

“The Process” is your brain chemistry. not life itself.

Life is beautiful, and you will begin to learn to believe that once you begin to learn how to believe in yourself.

Life is beautiful, and you are partaking in it for a reason. Learn to be happy in this life, one step at a time.

Try beginning with a smile.


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