Choosing Life

Two months ago, I had the guts to jump off of a bridge.

When I found myself at that point, the end, it ended there. I came to the point of noticing when I get frustrated with my sadness, I needed a different interpretation of it to stay alive, I was where I was in that time because of years of suppression, but sometimes the gray fog would decide to interrupt my day.

When you stop searching for an answer to an answer that is not there, you begin to accept. You begin to realize that sometimes, it is just chemical imbalances and neuro processors. The gray cloud “just is”.

Depression “just is”, and that is fine. You can recognize it being there without letting it consume you. 

“Easier said than done”, because enduring the pain allows you to be strong enough to learn from the transitions. Transitions into learning how to tell the gray cloud to fuck off. The pain gets so hard, you want to give up, but it does not have to be your life.

Instead of saying “fuck it” and ending it all, say “fuck it” and do everything you have been scared to do.  There are only high chances of gaining knowledge from doing so.

Now, I am facing fears. I ave climbed physical and mental mountains, chased waterfalls, and jumped off of a cliff.

The first step is so simple, allow yourself to feel. No matter the situation, there is nothing better than living. Even if it seems impossible, accept, and all of the things to heal you will come to you in unique ways.

Take the first step in what is best for you, choose life.


“The Getway” Album


You are always off key, and I can not help but love it. You are always making me smile, and I know it will stay that way. I look over at you driving us in the rain. This is the third time we have listened to this album, but its getting us through North Dakota.

♡ I am so in love with you.

Lionsgate Visualization



I am more vibrant looking within my visualizations during meditation. I would like to believe that it is a reflection of my inner, true self.

A frequency put me into the state of mind, and it stuck there. The “wom, wom, wom, wom” noises still in my ears. 

I picture a white room, with nothing but light. Light that I have the ability to manipulate and transform to my benefit. 

The Great War ; Coming Off Of The Drugs 7/14/17

Irritability turned into an irrational amount of rage, I don’t typically have rage.

Screaming to myself, and knocking things over turned into weeping on the kitchen floor.

“It’s not me, It’s not me.” I say to myself, both hands placed on the sides of my skull, fingers clawing at my own hair as I sank into my confusion.

It’s the pharmaceuticals leaving me, and I’m scared that this will be what it’s like without them.

“It won’t be, it’s not me…look at me!” I thought to myself.

They are just side effects.

“Hang on, it’s almost over.”, but it is a war. It is a war that I am winning. War isn’t beautiful, but you come out changed.

I will be, I am, I can’t control this one. Let it handle itself, hang on.

Where I disappeared To


“Being helped is not being given a pill a day-hell, four pills a day. Being helped is finding deep-rooted issues and learning how to cope with them. If pills were the answer, I would still have a stash of xanax bars in my side-table drawer. Do not send me away by making my brain foggy. I am here, and would like to be in the first time in a long time. Show me care by talking to me, or you will never know how to help. Without that, how am I supposed that anyone will help me at all? Fuck, dude, the crazy people around me help me more than the people with a college degree who claim to know best. It is hard to believe that it is day two, and it is even harder to believe that it is only temporary.

I keep looking out of the window to view the courtyard. I have never had a stronger urge to smell the flowers.

Stop asking me how I feel. I want to be in this life, but this is not how I want this life to be. 

It is funny, being in a place of care that makes you realize that not everyone who says that they care, care. The fucking irony. The person who played a major role in causing this probably gave more of a shit about me.”