Toasted In My Bedroom

I am all about this life.

I am so ready for the next breath.

I am in no rush, I am healing.

Everything being “fine”, actually can be sincere now.

I am so about the music right now, too.

I am so thankful for art.

I am so thankful for the Earth.

Panic struck me when I thought of it’s ending, but at least I am here now.

I want to be.

I want to live and be creative.

Smiling never hurts either, anymore.

Let yourself wake up.


I am fine, actually.

I am so in love with how I feel right now, I am so happy.
I am no longer covering my eyes from sadness.
I am covering my eyes, because the light of the beauty in life is bright.
Really, I am actually okay.
I am okay here, sitting by myself.
My thoughts are getting better and stronger.
Like me.

Sweater Weather

misty  We were there. There in the soft, cold sand. The wind coming from the Pacific was chilling with each gust, so you held me close. The mist made the ocean look untouchable, but we managed to get our feet wet.

There we were, holding hands and running again. Only this time, it was not raining, and we were not trapped in a small town.

This time, we ran into the beautiful unknown at our most desired location.